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Video Blogs

These are unscripted, unedited (for the most part) video diaries, of my life and my leap of faith.  I didn't do my make-up or hair for these videos, in fact most of them are of me in a head scarf or towel because they were often bedtime confessions when I was free to let my thoughts be heard.  Its a true story, my story.  Of how I quit my job because my spirit said so, and all the ups, downs, and miracles that came from my leap of faith in focusing on my art instead of my title.  How creativity is opening doors I didn't know existed and how my dream has evolved into something so much bigger than I first imagined.  As the story continues so will the uploads.  #Word2Yonce #CreditWhereDue  #LEMONADE

Life is but a Dream. . .

So I jumped!